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Black Hole: a medium-sized chute which you can go down on either a single or double float, for double the fun!  The strobe lighting effect adds to the feeling of entering the unknown. This is one of our most popular attractions.
Adventure River: the Giant Chute has been made even wider so you can enjoy it on a single or double float.  This is one of the most popular attractions in the park with a very high visitor capacity.


Kamikaze: a high-speed attraction which gives you the feeling of being in free fall on a roller coaster with all its  different configurations. The design of the Kamikaze at Terra Natura has been meticulously engineered to offer  the biggest possible thrill backed by the highest standards of security in the leisure industry.
Speed Hole: similar to the Kamikaze, the difference being that it is semi-open. Like the Kamikaze, users reach  tremendous speeds in a uniquely thrilling experience.


Gentle chutes: a chute with 4 parallel lanes that takes you straight down to the water over gently undulating  bumps. The smooth material makes floats unnecessary and gives a really fun, slippery sensation, and you can  enjoy speed competitions with your friends on all four lanes at the same time!





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