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Terra Natura Benidorm - Vida Marina
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Our mission
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Our Mission
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Terra Natura promotes a series of values both within and beyond its sphere of action which, quite simply, are the principles and attitudes towards conservation and public awareness that are understood by everyone as being both desirable and transferable: founded on chosen values such as equality, sustainable development, happiness, wisdom, personal growth and a love for animals and nature, we have forged a clear, concise and inspiring statement that expresses our singularity. Our Mission statement provides us with the guidelines for developing the concepts and strategies for action that all of us share in equal measure.

At Terra Natura we seek the physical and emotional wellbeing of animals both individually and as a group by understanding their nature, their care and their needs as part of an integral process that involves the animals themselves and the people who work with them, something that is palpable to visitors by giving them a closer insight which raises their awareness and increases their positive perception of each animal species.

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