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El pequeño rinoceronte sale por primera vez a la pradera exterior



The nature and animal park Terra Natura Benidorm has officially presented this morning the first breeding Indian rhinoceros (Rhinoceros unicornis) born in captivity in Spain. The small sample, whose weight is around 55 kilos, was born in early February. Since then it has remained one of the shelters inside the complex and has now finally been able to travel for the first time one of the meadows outside the complex.

The arrival of the small specimen has been marked by small complications. At birth, it took nearly two hours to rise as usual in this species is to be lifted when delivery has occurred. This difficulty, added that he had difficulty nursing, so could not feed himself. In this situation, experts of the park had to open the manual feed by bottle for the baby better than its first days of life.

As a reinforcement, also was given a vitamin supplement. To keep the manual feeding protocol has been necessary to take turns correlative caregivers 24 hours a day to manage the calf every two hours making milk due to her. This has kept the process until the professional team has ensured that the female nurse naturally to the breed and it takes the milk from the breast of his mother.

Currently, it remains to breeding under close surveillance by cameras at the shelter interior and direct observation. So is scanned daily by veterinarians and is heavy to control their growth and evolution of their weight, which increases at a rate of half a kilo per day. The initial weakness of the rhino has now become vital. The little animal has gained greater mobility and ease, and has enough strength in his legs to move up and down hills of considerable inclination.

Although the young animal loves to explore the environment, does not dare to separate from the mother more than two meters. Shiwa and called the new mother, had a delivery of 16 hours. Since the birth of her first foal has not spread even a single moment of it. The female is responsible for guiding the small animal facility when they change. Is attentive to every sound that issues its young, and when it will be looking to suck hastily placed in position. At night, the imposing female curls up to leave a gap for farming and so give you heat.

Caregivers regularly try to entice the young to drink a bottle, but fortunately the little rhino refuses and prefers to nurse from his mother. This operation is part of comprehensive follow the rhino is to confirm that their development is being completed correctly. If the young look for the bottle instead of breast feeding, mean that it has trouble feeding and would have to activate the manual feeding protocol with bottles.

The young, not yet named, will start from today out for several hours every day outside the pasture to get used to their future environment. At the moment, will not join the other female of the group or his father, called Niko, to avoid potential conflicts. Males of this species do not recognize their offspring as their own, so if you could meet even attack it. As a precautionary measure has been emptied of water pond installation, since the small rhino can not swim and still too cold for him.

Experts from Terra Natura Benidorm envision applying the same protocol of reproduction in captivity, this time with Shiwa have continued with the other female rhino named Nisha. The reproduction of this species is of great conservation value, since it is endangered. Reproduction in captivity ensures its survival on the planet and can be reintroduced into the future in areas where their population has been reduced.


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