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First baby otters in captivity.



Sustainable Development Foundation and the Terra Natura achieved the first otter pups born in captivity.

The recovery and return to their habitat of the otter increases their chances with the appearance of the first two animals of this species born in captivity

The two pups represent a scientific success for a project that an attempt had been carried out without success in other communities.

The Ministry of Sustainable Development and management of the Territory of the Murcia region succeeds, next to the Terra Natura Foundation, the birth of the first two offspring of otter (Lutra lutra) in captivity. This scientific achievement, a collaboration of the Ministry, through the Directorate General of Natural Environment, with Terra Natura, is a milestone for the recovery and reintroduction of this species in its habitat. The event represents a goal fulfilled for a project built on years of experience and learning from other experiments performed throughout Europe and whose end result was fruitless.

In this way, at 9:00 on the morning of Monday, the female otters Chiqui birth two breeds, which were monitored immediately in its burrow park Terra Natura Foundation has in Murcia, to check their progress and behavior. The evolution has been normal, which shows that finally the experiment was a success. The only data for which there is reference made a similar dating from 2002, in the Pont de Suert Center in Catalonia, that after reproductive get was not achieved viability of the offspring can not continue with the project.

Success in the region is due, inter alia, to years of study developed by Terra Natura in other parts of Europe, where it acquires a great knowledge in contact centers pioneers from Germany and England. The captive breeding program has required the participation of specialists in biology, ethology and veterinary medicine. In addition, one of the key project was the design of facilities that recreate the natural habitat of this animal, he praised work by different centers of Europe.

With the birth of two baby otters will hold the conservation program for the species in the autonomous community of Murcia, which includes, among other objectives replication, and its genetic study the feasibility of its wild population in the region. The future of these specimens will be his reintroduction to enhance wild populations, as well as the possibility of establishing stable populations in historical lands that were not colonized by themselves. All indications are that in addition to a second female, named Vagui, could also be pregnant and her delivery could occur in about three weeks.


Otter Project

The coordination of the project for breeding, genetic study and reintroduction of otters in their habitat has been conducted since the Terra Natura Foundation, in direct contact with the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Planning of the Region of Murcia and Biological Station Terra Natura.

Terra Natura is a pioneer in Spain and one of the most important in Europe in Conservation Biology. His work also includes the ex situ lynx, which performs among other functions work on the design of habitats. In addition, develops conservation programs in four of the five continents, with priority being carried out with the otter in the region of Murcia, given that the demographic evolution of the species in the Mediterranean zone has not been as favorable as in the rest of the Iberian Peninsula.


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