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Murcia Terra Natura is committed to providing our guests with the highest food quality and friendly service. Our menus offer a variety of choices, from fun snacks and healthy options to the most typical dishes, without missing the delicious sweets.

In addition to our numerous kiosks and posts throughout the park, visitors can eat in the restaurants:


Carnivore Restaurant:

The best selection of seafood, meats and fish can taste the meat-eating in the restaurant, in a unique environment.

CARNIVORE RESTAURANT The restaurant is to the letter TNM where you can taste the most exotic meats (alligator, ostrich, buffalo, etc ...) while being observed by several lions, who through great windows roam at ease with diners .

Lunatic Express Pub & Lounge:

Later we can taste the best cocktails in the combined and lunatic express pub & lounge, while we see giraffes, zebras and hippos.


El Refugio del Lobo:
This rest area can make use of a picnic area enabled the time to contemplate the Iberian wolf from the lookout.

El Humedal del Ajauque:
Enjoy a drink at the bar of this fabulous rest area where storks, ducks and carp hosts lunch.
Mnemba Island, bar & terrace: The new beach bar Aqua Natura Murcia is located next to the new pool of sea lions. Convert your lunches, dinners or family gatherings inolvidades experiences in a unique and refreshing. Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, barbecues, drinks & music.

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