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In the magnificent surroundings of Kenya you mustn’t miss a visit to:

Tsavo Station Kenya:

Lunatic Express:
Travel back in time to visit the King of the Jungle in all his glory:

Samburu settlement:
An African settlement where zebras, gazelles, wildebeest and other animals in this attractive spot coexist and wander freely among the rich and varied fauna and flora of the African continent.

Serengeti Park:
Come and be captivated by the tallest mammal of all, the giraffe, and the massive bulk of the biggest of the artiodactyls, the hippopotamus.

Mara River:
A long river meanders through the savannah, where visitors can observe the rich diversity of wildlife and animals roam freely without barriers or obstacles, not to mention all the different types of trees and shrubs typical of the African continent.

Masai Mara lookout point:
One of the most spectacular features of this lookout point is the combination of fauna and flora; animals roaming in complete freedom among lush vegetation. The setting will simply enthral you!





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